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What is Circle K

ircle K International (CKI) is the premier collegiate and university community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. Its mission is to Developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service. Built on the premises of providing altruistic service, developing leadership potential, and building friendships, CKI has more than 12,600 members in 17 nations, and continues to make a positive impact on the world every day.

CKI is a student-led organization, organized and sponsored by a Kiwanis club on a college or university campus. CKI is a self-governing organization and elects its own officers, conducts its own meetings, and determines its own service activities.
CKI blends community service and leadership training with the opportunity to meet other college students around the world. Projects such as the Six Cents Initiative, CKIA?A�A�s International fundraiser that aims to provide water to the 2.2 billion children worldwide who lack safe drinking water, bring CKI members together to make a difference in the world.
CKI began in 1936 as a Kiwanis club service project to provide an opportunity for capable, ambitious, and worthy young men to acquire a college education by assisting them, where necessary, with their financial problems, by means of a scholarship fund, if available, or securing part-time employment. Soon after the concept of CKI was recognized and accepted, the element of community service was introduced, thus creating an appealing outlet for collegians around the globe.
Today, CKI stands as the largest collegiate service organization with 12,600 members on 500 campuses worldwide. Embodied by its tenets of leadership, fellowship, and service at the club, district and International levels, CKI continues to grow through service to the world’s campuses and communities.

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