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What is Circle K?

Circle K is an international Non-Governmental Not-for-profit service and character development organization, lead by young professionals in tertiary education sectors across the globe. Circle K is a subsidiary of Kiwanis International and is also partiallyA�A�sponsored by them. Circle K clubs operate on three core tenets: service, leadership and fellowship. We are the worlds LARGEST student lead collegiate service organization and one of the worlds most prestigious service organization.

Service is the heart of Circle K. There are a variety of service projects each week varying in date, time, length, and focus. We do projects which involveA�A�the homeless, elderly, children, the environment,A�A�infrastructure and communities. We are about changing lives and making a better future for all through our continued, dedicated and unceremonious service to the world.

Circle K is apart of the Kiwanis International Service powerhouse which was formed initially on January 21, 1915; in an effort to form business relationships to make better the lives of the men who were apart of the organization. Today Kiwanis is one of the worlds largest service organizations and Circle K the worlds largest student lead collegiate service organization.A�A�However, we have not forgotten our history. As such a core part of Circle K is to build enduring friendships that last a lifetime. These friendships can be with the people you meet at club meetings or at service initiatives or it could be just a corporate sponsor or a family member of the Kiwanis movement. We regularly have socials and Circle K lymes with other clubs. Service projects are normally followed by an after party or a lyme. The members of Circle K International and specifically the members of The UWI Mona Circle K are some of the best friends you could ever have. Warm smiles, caring hearts, supportive, motivational, inspiring, beautifulA�A�andA�A�charming are just some of the words we can use to describe our members. There is someone here for everyone! Lets do more than just change the world together! Lets change our own lives with the help of each other.

UWI Mona Circle K is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious clubs within Circle K international. This is so because of the great leaders we have had in the past and currently do have. Our emphasis on the intellectual development of our members and the individual zeal of past and current leaders of this noble organization thatA�A�ensures that a 27 year legacy of excellence is continued, is just one reason. Circle K InternationalA�A�has a rathe of development seminars, workshops and conferences that are tailored specifically to the needs of its members. Development seminars that teaches simple money management to advance management and leadership skills and protocols. Each club also has an elected board of directors which also receive training for their respective positions making them better prepared to adequately fulfill their jobs.

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